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Motivation Monday - I will choose to do what I can fabulously

New stock at the pop up shop!

I am currently selling my sweetie jewellery in a pop up shop in Camden Lock market for We Make London. I have decided to stay selling in the shop until after christmas as the sales have been pretty promising.
As part of the agreement for selling there each maker has to work in the shop for two days of the month. This week I took in some new items and a new display stand.

My new sweetie jars! They fit the sweetie bracelets perfectly and make a great stocking filler. I'm currently only stocking them in the shop as they are heavy to post.

Some new felt ball bracelets (the felt balls are attached to a silver plated chain and the clasp is a silver plated t-bar). I've also added some new felt earrings in different colours

Hopefully sales will continue to be good. Do pop in and browse in the shop if you're in London!

Motivation Monday - be positive, patient and persistent

Knit and stitch show

I was fortunate to work for a day at the Knit and Stitch show at Alexandra Palace this month. Although it wasn't for jewellery makers specifically most people there were interested in a lot of different crafts. I hadn't been before and had a good browse around (and, OK yes, a little bit of buying!).
I was demonstrating jewellery making for the London Jewellery School, showing some of the techniques that you can learn on our classes. It was the first day of the show and a week day but was still pretty busy so we had plently of people to talk to! I really enjoyed the day.

Motivation Monday - the main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing

The jewellery of the Harry Potter films

Last week I really enjoyed a birthday trip to the Harry Potter Studio tour in London with my Dad.
I love the Harry Potter books and films. I worked in a bookshop when the first few books came out and remember the children's book buyer telling me 'you must read this book'! I have since read the whole series more than once! When the final book came out I was travelling in the US and bought a copy as soon as I could, reading it in the back of the car between cities! I do also love the films which were very well made and true to the feel of the books. I loved going to the cinema to see them (and I have them all on DVD at home now!).
So when I heard about the studio tour I really wanted to go. Luckily my Dad was happy to come with me and so we went for my birthday!
I loved the tour, it's well worth going. I also recommend paying extra for the audio guide which also includes video clips from the film and interviews with the crew. It made a very interesting addition to the t…

Motivation Monday - the present moment is all you have

Fashion jewellery at the London Jewellery School

I really enjoy teaching the Fashion Jewellery day class at the London Jewellery School. During the class we talk about where to get inspiration, create mood boards and then the students let loose with beads, chain, fabric, ribbon, cords, feathers, buttons - whatever they feel like! They tend to make two pieces, usually a neck piece and earrings. It's often a process of trial and error, seeing what works and what doesn't but then that is what jewellery designing is about! And I'm there to give advice individually to the students about how to make their design a reality.  Here are some images of work in progress from the class that I ran this week. And have a look at our pinterest fashion jewellery board for inspiration.

Enamelling class

Although I learnt to enamel on silver from Joy Funnell, I decided to take a six week enamelling course to brush up on my skills and practice. The college I work at, the Mary Ward Centre, provide so many fantastic courses that it is difficult to choose but I always find time to do at least one each year.
These are some pieces that I made yesterday, week 2 of the course. Last week we were practicing on copper blanks. I decided to buy some blanks with holes so that I could actually wear them if they came out well! I got these triangular copper blanks from Cooksons in a pack of 6.
I am very happy with my first two pieces (the white with blue ones). They are both mistakes! The white enamel melted at a lower temperature than the blue which is why they look a bit blotchy. I like that effect though! The other two, I fired both of them for too long. I quite like the ceramic look of the third piece. I think I will add more colour to the fourth next week.
Are you doing any classes to improve yo…

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