Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Enamelling class

Although I learnt to enamel on silver from Joy Funnell, I decided to take a six week enamelling course to brush up on my skills and practice. The college I work at, the Mary Ward Centre, provide so many fantastic courses that it is difficult to choose but I always find time to do at least one each year.
These are some pieces that I made yesterday, week 2 of the course. Last week we were practicing on copper blanks. I decided to buy some blanks with holes so that I could actually wear them if they came out well! I got these triangular copper blanks from Cooksons in a pack of 6.
I am very happy with my first two pieces (the white with blue ones). They are both mistakes! The white enamel melted at a lower temperature than the blue which is why they look a bit blotchy. I like that effect though! The other two, I fired both of them for too long. I quite like the ceramic look of the third piece. I think I will add more colour to the fourth next week.
Are you doing any classes to improve your skills?

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