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Art Clay Guild UK conference

On Saturday 24th September 2011 I got up really early (earlier than I need to for work!) to go to the Art Clay Guild conference. I got the 8.03 train from Kings Cross to Peterborough and met my friend Chu Mei on the platform. As we were pretty early we decided to walk. We managed to navigate our way pretty well (just about!).

I hadn't been to an Art Clay Guild conference before so I didn't really know what to expect. I was very pleased that I went. I met some old friends including Sarah Warden-Smith and Joy Funnell; and put some faces to names/pieces of jewellery I have admired for a while.

I enjoyed browsing the stalls and was just not quick enough to get the Hadar Jacobson texture book I wanted! I'll have to get it from Craftworx!

I really enjoyed looking at the display of work. I particularly loved the owl brooch and the swimming pool rings.

The AGM was interesting with a lot of discussion about the assessing standards for the Art Clay certification.
Lunch was a great opp…

A new perspective on life?

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