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Motivation Monday - let go and just live in the moment

Motivation Monday - doing what you like is freedom

Market day

Yesterday a jewellery making friend, Ann and I set up a stall in Camden Lock market, London. Camden is a very famous area for markets and as a tourist destination in general so we had been planning to see how our jewellery sold there for a while. It's been cold in the UK so the weather put us off but we finally set a date!
We had to get there really early to get a pitch but we were happy to be placed in the handmade area and set ourselves up. It was a busy day and we enjoyed chatting to other stallholders and eating the yummy food!
I have to admit, I did do better when I had a stall in Spitalfields but we're planning to make it a regular thing to see how it goes.

Motivation Monday - win or learn, never lose

Art room inspiration

We are lucky to live in a house that has a spare room (albeit a single room). We currently use it as a study and spend most of our time in here. At the moment, though, we only have one desk and chair. I tend to sit on the sofa that we moved up here from our living room.
I'd like to change the room around. I have actually thought about changing the house around given that we spend the majority of our waking time in the smallest room we have! I have thought of making the living room a study/art room instead. It's a much larger room. So there are decisions to be made!
I've been looking at some inspiring ideas for arts and crafting rooms and have been adding them to pinterest (I love pinterest!). Here is my art room inspiration pinterest board. I'll let you know what we decide to do and post some photos!

Motivation Monday - you will recognise your own path

Leather silver clay cuff masterclass with Lisa Barth

I was very fortunate to be able to attend Lisa Barth's masterclass in making a leather silver clay cuff this week at Craftworx studio, Yorkshire. I am vegetarian so didn't want to use leather but I am very interested in the technique so I brought a faux leather along to try out.
Lisa is an inspiring teacher who focuses on design decisions and I really enjoyed talking with her. I was staying in the same B&B as her and enjoyed our discussions at breakfast. I was also lucky enough to be shown the stone set pieces she brought along and have now bought her book 'Designing from the Stone' (which is available from Amazon).

I found the class very inspiring. I was disappointed with the faux leather I had brought along as it looked very plasticky compared to the beautiful pieces being created by my fellow students.
However, I really enjoyed learning the techniques and got a lot out of the class. I have already
sourced some more authentic faux leather and suede (I hope!) a…

Motivation Monday - time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time

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