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BBC commission

This week I was busy sourcing crew gifts for BBC programme that finishes filming this Friday. So I currently have 50 referees whistles on keychains! The programme is a comedy sketch show and is called Fit (hence the whistles!). I hope they make a fun momento of working on the show.

Motivation Monday

London Jewellery School open evening

The London Jewellery School had an open evening tonight and I dropped in to say hello. It has been a hot day in London today and I wasn't sure how many people would attend (I thought people would be out enjoying it) but there were lots of visitors hoping to find out more about the classes.  There were four tables of demonstrations - metal clay, beading, fashion jewellery and enamelling The photo above shows a demonstration of metal clay (I have purposely cut off people's heads in this photo because I didn't get permission to share photos). My friend is demonstrating in this picture and she was so busy today I didn't get a chance to chat to her!  I really recommend taking classes when you want to learn a new skill. You can learn from a book and trial and error but I think taking a day to learn from an expert gives you feedback and expertise you can't get in any other way. I currently teach at the LJS but before I started that I had took five classes with them.  So,…

Licorice allsorts are in!

This feature was in this week's Stylist magazine. It's about the shoes but I love the licorice allsorts they've styled it with (of course!). Thanks to Claire for thinking of me and sending the photo!

Motivation Monday

Anniversary cufflinks commission

I was commissioned by my friend Claire to make some cufflinks for her husband for their second wedding anniversary. I can't quite believe it's been two years. I remember their wedding very clearly. Particularly the bit where my friends and I were waiting for a taxi before the wedding - which didn't arrive. Claire had a routemaster bus to take her to the church. We ended up having to hide at the top of the bus and sneak out and into the church before the bride could make her entrance!

The date on the cufflinks, I.V.X, is their wedding date in roman numerals. It was on their wedding invitations.

Happily Claire's husband loves the cufflinks. Here is a pic she put on facebook for me!

If you would like to commission some special date cufflinks please email me,

Motivation Monday

New range of licorice allsort bracelets

My licorice allsort range on Etsy has been my best seller so I decided to add to it with some new colourways. As well as the classic, multi-coloured bracelet you can now buy it in pink, brown, orange and yellow!

Photos by Crafty Websites

Love heart earrings

I've listed some new Love Hearts earrings on Etsy. A sweet little gift with free p&p in the UK. Take a look at the messages that are currently available

Motivation Monday

Guest blogger for the London Jewellery School

I am a tutor at the London Jewellery School, teaching on the PR for your Jewellery Business course. The class has been really popular and I'm proud to say there have been some very positive comments from the students that have already attended. In fact, the LJS have already added an extra date to the calendar because of interest from jewellery entrepreneurs.
The class runs for 2.5 hours and covers how to promote your jewellery business using a variety of methods (mostly free!) including twitter, blogs, facebook etc. The dates that are currently scheduled for this year are

Monday 28th May
Tuesday 24th July
Friday 26th October
Monday 3rd December

The class runs from 6.30-9pm on the above dates. For more information please click here

I wrote this blog post for the LJS blog about setting up a jewellery business with some hints and tips for setting up a jewellery business cheaply.
I'm pleased to say that the blog post was published on the London Jewellery School blog today.

Below a…

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