Thursday, 24 May 2012

London Jewellery School open evening

The London Jewellery School had an open evening tonight and I dropped in to say hello. It has been a hot day in London today and I wasn't sure how many people would attend (I thought people would be out enjoying it) but there were lots of visitors hoping to find out more about the classes. 
There were four tables of demonstrations - metal clay, beading, fashion jewellery and enamelling 
The photo above shows a demonstration of metal clay (I have purposely cut off people's heads in this photo because I didn't get permission to share photos). My friend is demonstrating in this picture and she was so busy today I didn't get a chance to chat to her! 
I really recommend taking classes when you want to learn a new skill. You can learn from a book and trial and error but I think taking a day to learn from an expert gives you feedback and expertise you can't get in any other way. I currently teach at the LJS but before I started that I had took five classes with them. 
So, I recommend that you learn a new skill (whatever you fancy learning about) and flex your creative muscles!

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