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Who uses moo? I do!

I have long been a fan of and their range of products. I have luxe business cards, stickers and now mini moo cards!
Mini moos are half the size of normal business cards. They are great little cards and I have decided to use them as labels for my licorice allsort range of jewellery. I currently only sell that range on Etsy but I've decided to pop into a few local shops to see if they will stock them on sale or return. So I got the labels printed because

a) I think they look professional
b) It means that anyone who buys my jewellery (or sees my jewellery in a shop) will see my web address, twitter name and email address
c) I think they need a label to tell people not to try to eat the beads!

I bought the luxe cards after I started getting celebrity commissions. They are a really lovely quality and give the right impression for my silver jewellery.

The stickers are great for adding to packaging and jiffy bags as I do primarily sell through Etsy and post jewellery to customer…

Motivation Monday

UK silver clay price review

As metal clay artists in the UK will now now, the price of Art Clay will rise significantly on 1st June 2012. The Metal Clay Academy website published this statement yesterday. 

Art Clay in the UK will be increasing in price from 1st June by around 30%. Initial indicative pricing puts a retail 50g pack of Art Clay Silver 650 up from £109 to £142.50 including VAT.
The public announcement from Metal Clay Ltd, one of the UK distributors is as follows:-
"Change in Art Clay pricing - Aida has managed to keep the prices of metal clay as low as possible for a long time but, due to the historical high rate of the Japanese Yen appreciation against the US Dollar and Euro since last year, combined with the continuous high price of gold and silver and increases in manufacturing costs in Japan, they now need to be more realistic with how they price their products, in order to keep manufacturing and supplying us.

They’ve been discussing different solutions for recovery and protecti…

Motivation Monday

Knitting cushions

As a lovely christmas present, my Mum hand knitted a cushion cover for me. Mum taught me to knit as a child and I do really enjoy knitting while watching TV! I went through a phase of just knitting scarves but it got a bit boring (and I ran out of people to give scarves to!) So I went to the Make Lounge course Beyond Scarves; how to read a knitting pattern. It was very useful and I got a much better understanding of what to do and lost some of my apprehension. So I decided to try to knit the cushion cover myself from the pattern my Mum used. It has a complicated-looking cable on it but actually it is quite straightforward as cabling goes.

I had to have help from my Mum when doing the buttonholes. We don't live that close to each other so we used Skype. It was hilarious, my Dad had to hold Mum's ipad behind her shoulder and angle it so I could see what she was doing! We got there in the end and my knitting has much improved.

As usual, I got a bit obsessed with it! I've now…

Motivation Monday

CRAFTCAST blog post: 5 Things the Artist in you can stop worrying about right NOW!

I am sharing this really interesting blog post written by Alison Lee of Craftcast.
'CRAFTCAST™ is the number 1 leading website for hosting LIVE online classes with the top workshop teachers in their creative fields, as well as offering complete class recordings for sale as an immediate download. CRAFTCAST, the podcast, has had over 750,000 downloads with thousands of people attending the live online classes.'
I have taken a few Craftcast classes and I love the amount that is covered in them and being able to watch them again. The link to the original blog post is below.

CRAFTCAST: 5 Things the Artist in you can stop worrying about right NOW!

Motivation Monday

Motivation Monday

Slowing down

Do you need to slow down? I know I do.
I begin teaching a new Psychology course at the Mary Ward Centre, London next year called 'The Psychology of space and time'. I have started doing some reading and research for my lesson planning and resources. I came across this Ted talk Carl Honore Praises Slowness which I hightly recommend watching. Not only did it give me a great subject for one of my classes it gave me some food for thought for myself.
Carl Honore is a journalist who has researched and written a book called In praise of slow: how a worldwide movement is challenging the cult of speed which I plan to read but have not yet. He realised that he needed to slow down when he found himself rushing through bed time stories with his son. He's not alone. The slow movement believe that what we are missing by rushing through life is connection - with each other, with our surroundings, with our environment. And so now we can have slow food (where we grow our own or at least t…

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