Saturday, 21 April 2012

Knitting cushions

As a lovely christmas present, my Mum hand knitted a cushion cover for me. Mum taught me to knit as a child and I do really enjoy knitting while watching TV! I went through a phase of just knitting scarves but it got a bit boring (and I ran out of people to give scarves to!) So I went to the Make Lounge course Beyond Scarves; how to read a knitting pattern. It was very useful and I got a much better understanding of what to do and lost some of my apprehension. So I decided to try to knit the cushion cover myself from the pattern my Mum used. It has a complicated-looking cable on it but actually it is quite straightforward as cabling goes.

I had to have help from my Mum when doing the buttonholes. We don't live that close to each other so we used Skype. It was hilarious, my Dad had to hold Mum's ipad behind her shoulder and angle it so I could see what she was doing! We got there in the end and my knitting has much improved.

Erika Knight striped cushion

As usual, I got a bit obsessed with it! I've now knitted three of the cable cushions in different colours and I've moved onto trying this striped cushion (you can find the free pattern here)

Stash buster cushion
and I want to try this stash buster cushion too.

Have you been knitting recently? Please recommend any good patterns you've found in the comments section below.

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