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Your jewellery business - what do you really want for 2015?

I wrote this blog post for the London Jewellery School and I'm pleased with it as it brings together my psychology background and my jewellery business. You can read the original post on the LJS blog here

It is the end of another year. I hope you have had bumper sales this November and December. Now is a good time to spend some time taking stock (metaphorically speaking!) to consider what you have achieved this year and what you want to achieve with your jewellery business in 2015.

What has gone well?
We often spend a lot of time focussing on the next thing to do and don’t give ourselves the pat on the back we deserve. Give yourself some time to think about 2014. What has gone well this year? What have you achieved? This could be new designs, new skills, sales, social media, pr - anything that has worked well.

How do you want to feel? Danielle LaPorte, author of the Desire Map, suggests that when we set new goals we do it backwards. We shouldn’t focus on the goal so much as what the go…

Happily ever after

New class - soldering on metal clay

The silver clay classes are one of my favourite to teach. It’s so magical when someone torch fires their clay for the first time and it turns into silver. One of the things I have noticed while teaching and talking to our students is that many of the metal clayers have no silversmithing experience. It isn’t necessary for making basic metal clay pieces. However, once the metal clay is fired it can be treated in the same way as any silver including hammering, shaping and soldering, so understanding what you can be done with the silver can really broaden horizons.
Soldering is a traditional silversmithing skill that take a bit of practice and know-how but once you’ve got it you can make much more complex pieces.

So I pitched a new one day class to the manager of the jewellery school and she has agreed to try it out! 
In this new one day class, you will learn how to

solder earring posts onto stud earrings solder on cufflink backs solder and shape a brooch pin

You will make the studs, cufflinks a…

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