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Selling jewellery at Kings Cross St Pancras station

Firstly, sorry for my extended absence on the blog. It's been a really busy few months as we have packed up everything and moved from London to Edinburgh! More on that in future blog posts!
Last week I delivered my silver jewellery bee range to the Things British store in Kings Cross St Pancras station, London. Things British sell handcrafted items made in the UK. They work on a rent a shelf basis, are open 7 days a week and the artist gets 100% of the sale price (excluding card fees). I previously sold my jewellery in their other shop in Greenwich, London a couple of years ago and I thought I would give this store a try to see how it goes.
Preparing the stock takes time! I decided to focus on my bestselling range which is the bee range and so I have only taken that design. I made the range in different shapes, sizes and jewellery type including cufflinks. Soldering the cufflinks and stud backs, getting and adding the chain to the necklaces, writing out the price labels - there'…

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