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Intellectual property advice for UK creative artists

I have recently had a request for some one to one jewellery business advice. Most of the request was pretty straightforward but I was asked something quite complex about copyright of digital images purchased and used in jewellery. This was a little above my legal knowledge (!) but a colleague recommended I check out Own It.
Own-it is a UK based site that has a large knowledge bank of FAQs and factsheets for commonly asked questions, podcasts and videos about intellectual property and the creative industries. If your question is not answered on any of these you can register with them for free and ask an expert. You submit your query along with photos (if appropriate). This is what I am going to recommend my client does.
It's a straightforward useful resource for those difficult questions. Take a look

Christmas selling in Camden

After a break of a few months my sweetie jewellery is back on sale in the We Make London boutique in Camden Lock market. The shop is open every day from 10.30-6pm and also features some gorgeous goodies from lots of lovely British-based designers.
If you are in London Camden is quite a place to visit so I hope you can pop in!

Address: 3 Camden Lock Place, West Yard, London, NW1 8AF

Motivation Monday - the best way to predict the future is to invent it

Men making jewellery - reblog

I've been blogging for the London Jewellery School again. This is a reblog from a couple of interviews I did with some students.

Click here for the original blog post

I am a tutor and mentor for the one year Diploma in Creative Jewellery here at the London Jewellery School. The course is taught one day per week over three terms. In one of the groups that I mentor, men outnumber the women 3 to 1. This group are currently in their third term and will be finishing the course and exhibiting their work soon.
I spoke to Andrew Tills, one of the students in the group.
What attracted you to the diploma course? The course touches on several styles and concepts which can be used in making jewellery – no matter what budget you’re targeting
What work were you doing before starting the course? I was a catering manager/chef.
Which jewellery medium/s do you prefer working in and why? Both glass fusion and silver work. Glass brings colour to my work without breaking the bank. Silver work gives me the plea…

Motivation Monday - surround yourself

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