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Motivation Monday - joy is the best make up

Motivation Monday - originality

Behind the brooch book review

This blog post was originally published on the London Jewellery School blog on 17th June 2014

Jewellery artist Lorena Angulo did not start out with the idea of writing a book. She was interested in the backs of jewellery, particularly brooches. How did others make the pin mechanism? How did they decorate the back of the piece? So she created a pinterest board to collect together some images. Lorena mentioned this to Brigitte Martin of Crafthaus (a membership based online community of craft artists) and she ended up curating an online exhibition for Crafthaus and the book followed on. This beautiful hardback book, just published worldwide, features hundreds of excellent quality photos of the back (and the front!) of some fantastic pieces of jewellery. I was particularly inspired by being able to study the mechanics of the brooch pin, often overlooked but one of the most crucial parts for the jewellery maker to get right. It is delightful to see so many examples and different ways that th…

Motivation Monday - What do you want that you already have?

Motivation Monday - if you declare that you will 'figure it out' the possibilities are endless

How Pinterest can help your jewellery business

This blog post was written for the London Jewellery School blog and published on 10th June 2014
What is pinterest? Pinterest is a free online tool that allows you to collect together images of things that interest you. You can create collections (or boards) of visual images (or pins). These images can be uploaded by you or ‘pinned’ from a website and can include videos.

Why should I be interested? Pinterest has a couple of uses for the jewellery artist as a designer but primarily the main benefits are as a seller. Recently, pinterest had been getting a lot of press. This is because it is currently producing the most revenue of any social media platform (people see a product they like on pinterest, click on it to find out more and will buy) the average transaction value of someone finding a product on pinterest and buying it is between $140 and $180 (£83-£107) 80% of pinterest users are women
One of the benefits over other social media is the way that people use it. On pinterest people will …

Motivation Monday - I've learned to stop rushing things that need time to grow

Motivation Monday - give up on being perfect and begin the work of becoming yourself

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