Wednesday, 11 June 2014

How Pinterest can help your jewellery business

This blog post was written for the London Jewellery School blog and published on 10th June 2014

What is pinterest?
Pinterest is a free online tool that allows you to collect together images of things that interest you. You can create collections (or boards) of visual images (or pins). These images can be uploaded by you or ‘pinned’ from a website and can include videos.

Why should I be interested?
Pinterest has a couple of uses for the jewellery artist as a designer but primarily the main benefits are as a seller.
Recently, pinterest had been getting a lot of press. This is because
  • it is currently producing the most revenue of any social media platform (people see a product they like on pinterest, click on it to find out more and will buy)
  • the average transaction value of someone finding a product on pinterest and buying it is between $140 and $180 (£83-£107)
  • 80% of pinterest users are women

One of the benefits over other social media is the way that people use it. On pinterest people will search through categories to look at items e.g. jewellery. People don’t use facebook or twitter in that way and it means something you added to pinterest two months ago can still be found.

How should I use it as a designer?
Pinterest is great for creating visual inspiration boards. In the past you would have to bookmark a page/image that you were interested in or copy and paste the link into another document. Now you can see all the images together in one collection (board) without having to print them out. This allows you to collect online images together in one space which is fantastic for when you are in need of inspiration.

How should I use it as a business?
For those that haven’t used pinterest before see how to set up an account and how to use pinterest
Here is some advice to get the best out of pinterest for your jewellery business

  • make sure you write your profile and include a profile photo. Your profile photo should be a piece of jewellery that you have made that represents your style rather than a picture of you. Instructions for setting up your profile and adding a photo on pinterest can be found here
  • pin your own work from your website or a place that a person can buy your piece e.g. etsy, folksy etc. Don’t upload a photo of your work; a person who likes it won’t be able to find a way to buy it if there’s no link to your online shop
  • include a description of the piece in the description box. This allows people to find your jewellery through the search on pinterest. Make sure you include your keywords (the words someone might use to search for your item) e.g. Silver owl pendant handmade by Light Boat Jewellery
  • include the price in the description box
  • create boards that have themes rather than those about a single product. For example, jewellery inspiration, fabric jewellery etc. Include some of your jewellery alongside other people’s. That way people aren’t turned off by thinking you are just about pushing your products onto them
  • consumers like to see photos of your creative process so pin photos of this if you have some (again from your website or blog)

Warning: Pinterest can be addictive!
Once you start searching through for images time can run away from you. But it is a useful, free tool to use both as a designer and as a jewellery business. Have a go.

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