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Ring a month theme for February 2019

I've been overwhelmed by the number of people being inspired by the Ring A Month challenge. At the time of writing, we have 351 members in the Facebook group and 300 followers on Instagram.
If you'd like to join in there's still time!
Facebook group

I have decided to announce the theme for the coming month a week before the start of the month. This is to give people time to think about their designs, particularly those that are busy and have a lot to fit in.

The theme for February 2019 is .... music and lyrics

Here are some ideas to get you thinking about how to interpret the theme

Be inspired by

  • A song/piece of music you love
  • A specific lyric from a song 
  • A style of music e.g. classical, metal, rap, funk etc
  • A musical
  • An instrument/s
  • Music artwork (CD/LP sleeve or music video)
  • A concert you went to (or wish you went to!)
  • A music festival
  • Choose a musician, singer or composer you admire and make a ring you think they would wear or that represents them

    You can be as concrete or abstract as you like!

    All I ask is that when you share your ring on Facebook you also share a youtube link to the song you were thinking of or a song that sums up the style of music you had in mind when you designed it. I think that will really help the rest of the group get a feel for your design.
    If you are sharing on Instagram I'd love it if you shared the title of the song or piece of music and the name of the musician/band/orchestra (as you probably know links don't work on Instagram).
    And I'd love to know a little bit about why you chose that particular song/lyric/person/concert etc so it would be great if you would add something about that too.

    Alternatively, if you aren't inspired by this theme, make a ring of your own design. The challenge is to make a ring a month, the theme is optional.

    I can't wait to see what you make and the music you choose.


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