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Jewellery inspiration - long necklaces

Winter scarves and chunky knits used to mean we’d have to put statement necklaces away until spring however, a new trend for looonnnng necklaces has changed all that. The trend is really versatile and can be worn equally well over evening wear or a chunky sweater. Here are some examples for inspiration

Statement geometric necklace from Sincerely Delightful

Wear several long necklaces together Turquoise necklace from Bohemian Jewelry Shop

Long lariat bar necklace from Laosborn

A mix of chain and semi precious stones from Happy Go Lucky Jewels

Antler pendant from Ava Adorn

Czech glass bead and card necklace from Dittany Rose

Sterling silver Botswana agate necklace from Kalicat

Motivation Monday - what is now proved was only once imagined

Motivation Monday - the most dangerous risk of all

Jewellery business - five websites to help with selling

This is an edited reblog of a post I wrote for the London Jewellery School blog
This time of year you should be gearing up for some bumper sales for your jewellery business but it can be difficult to find advice and resources if you are working for yourself. I've put together some of my favourite online resources for you in a series of blog posts. In the first of this series, five sites for help with sales and selling

Benchpeg Keeping up to date with what is happening in the jewellery industry is important and Benchpeg is the best way to do this. Sign up for their newsletter and you’ll get a summary of the news from the industry every week. This includes job vacancies and links to where jewellery stories have been featured in the media.

Design Trust The Design Trust is a fantastic site in it’s own right but I love the advice column from the Design Doctor. Look through the questions to find just the advice that you need too!

Etsy sellers handbook Even if you’re not selling on etsy, the se…

Texture Tuesday - biodome

Motivation Monday - ask yourself what is really important

Stone setting in silver clay

Many jewellery makers haven’t heard of silver clay. It is a moldable material made from silver particles, an organic binder and a bit of water. Once the clay is dry it can be fired with a torch or in a kiln to burn away the binder to leave silver. It is a flexible way of working with silver and I’m often asked if stones can be pressed into the clay and fired. Sadly it’s not as simple as that! Some stones can be fired in place, others are damaged by the heat of the kiln/torch and these stones need to be set in a more traditional way familiar to silversmiths e.g. using a bezel setting.

However, there are some stones that can be set and fired in the clay and here is some advice about using these.

Cubic zirconia Cubic zirconia are manmade stones that come in different shapes, sizes and colours. They are a very flexible stone for silver clay as they can be fired in place, both with a torch or in a kiln.

Hints You do need to be wary of czs that lose their colour when heated and it is worth test…

Texture Tuesday - firework

Motivation Monday - be stubborn about your goals and flexible about your methods

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