Sunday, 18 October 2015

Jewellery business - five websites to help with selling

This is an edited reblog of a post I wrote for the London Jewellery School blog

This time of year you should be gearing up for some bumper sales for your jewellery business but it can be difficult to find advice and resources if you are working for yourself. I've put together some of my favourite online resources for you in a series of blog posts. In the first of this series, five sites for help with sales and selling

Keeping up to date with what is happening in the jewellery industry is important and Benchpeg is the best way to do this. Sign up for their newsletter and you’ll get a summary of the news from the industry every week. This includes job vacancies and links to where jewellery stories have been featured in the media.

Design Trust
The Design Trust is a fantastic site in it’s own right but I love the advice column from the Design Doctor. Look through the questions to find just the advice that you need too!

Etsy sellers handbook
Even if you’re not selling on etsy, the seller handbook is a fantastic resource for anyone selling online including advice on photography, branding, pricing, marketing etc.

Prefer to sell face to face and find craft fairs and markets in your area? Try stallfinder. You enter in your postcode and find events in your area and details of how to apply for a stall.

Google analytics
If you already have a website it is worth using google’s free analytics tool to look at your web traffic, where it is coming from, how long people stay on your site etc. It is a complex tool so you need to spend a bit of time working out what you are looking at but it is invaluable to help you adapt your website, find new places to advertise etc.

Want more help with developing your jewellery business? Why not enrol on one of the London Jewellery School's business classes. From 2.5 hours to 6 days there is a class for all your needs. Have a look at the one day business classes here.

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