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Rent a studio or work from home?

Rent a studio or work from home? Some thoughts on how to decide

There comes a point when you need to decide if you’ve outgrown your jewellery making workspace at home. So, what are the pros and cons of renting a jewellery studio versus working from home?

It took me a while to decide to rent a desk space in a studio to work from rather than work at home. I currently share a studio at Hill Street Design House in Edinburgh. This has been a really great move for me for lots of reasons but might not be the right choice for everyone so I wanted to give some of the pros and cons and my thought processes on it if you are also thinking about it.

Jewellery making from home

Pros Cost
This is the main consideration for me. It doesn’t cost me any extra to work from home plus I don’t have additional costs e.g. travel Time
The time it takes to travel to and from the studio could be more usefully used making jewellery from home (and will I go there!) Convenience
Any time I get a great idea I can act on it if…

Online ring making tutorials

I started the Make a Ring a Month 2019 challenge at new year (there's still time to join in, you can find the group here >). We have members at all levels of experience in jewellery making so I thought I'd write this blog post sharing some online ring making classes for those that are beginners, those that want to make more advanced designs or those that fancy trying a new technique.
I am only covering classes I can personally recommend here (with the exception of Hattie Sanderson I know all the teachers listed below). I have no doubt that there are loads of resources out there but this will hopefully give a start to those that are interested. If something catches your eye then do click on the link to find out more.
(Just to be clear, I do work for Jewellers Academy but have not been asked to promote their courses and these are not affiliate links).

For beginners in making silver rings

Make a silver ring with Rosie Sanders -  £45
Jewellers Academy
link >

Make a stone set …

Make a ring a month challenge for January 2019

The theme for January for the Make a Ring a Month 2019 challenge is texture (find out more about the Ring a Month challenge here > if you don't already know about it)

Here are some prompts and ideas:

stampingengravingrolling millfound texturesbought texturescarvingwovenhammereddrilling The main aim of the ring a month challenge is to make a ring a month. If you already have some design ideas in mind then feel free to carry on, you don't have to stick to the theme. I know I find themes helpful so I will continue to have one each month.

I started the ring a month 2019 challenge and it went viral!

There have been lots of jewellery challenges going around for the last couple of years including make a pendant a day, a ring a week, a bird a week etc. I do love these kind of thing but know that committing to making something every day or even every week is just too much for me. So I've been thinking for a while about a monthly challenge, something that would be some work but would still feel do-able.
On new years eve I decided to go for it and set up a Facebook group called Make a Ring a Month 2019. I posted about this group on one jewellery forum on the evening of 31st December and before the new year arrived 30 people signed up! By the next day, we'd hit 100 and we are currently on 189 members from all over the world.
When I first set it up I really didn't know how it would go. I thought that it might be me and about 20 other people that I know. I'm so glad that others have joined in too, it goes to show that it wasn't just me wanting a challenge for 2019.