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Mosaic weekend course

Gary and I attended our first Art course together! It was a fabulous weekend course at the Mary Ward Centre in London, UK called Mosaic taster course. It started on Friday evening 6-10pm and then continued onto Saturday 10-5. The teacher, Anna Sklovsky, is a very experienced artist in glass and mosaic. I found her very encouraging and supportive. She was quite intuitive in the way she encouraged everyone differently based on how they worked.
On the Friday we were shown some examples of previous student work and techniques for cutting glass, mirror, ceramics and tiles. We had the choice of working onto glass, mdf or mirror. I chose to do my first project with a bronze coloured mirror on mdf so that I could mosaic a frame around it. On Friday I picked up bits of glass here and there and started to try to consider a design but it was a little frustrating. Luckily, I was had an epiphany whilst lying in bed! I suddenly had an idea for the mirror of a rainbow effect with glass with red at the…

The story so far!

I now have two etsy shops set up.

One for selling vintage brooches

Camden Vintage

And one set up to sell my handmade jewellery


I have had one of my vintage brooches featured in a treasury
One person has hearted the Lightboat shop
I set up a treasury on etsy that I was pleased with

Thoughts on Camden Vintage
I am yet to sell anything but I have only listed once for each shop so I have to keep that in mind!
I'm not sure if the vintage pieces will be worthwhile. I wonder if they are too expensive. They came from Camden Passage Market and are genuinely lovely pieces but I'm not sure if the demand is there. I am considering using the pieces to embellish hand knitted scarves or handmade bags so I've not given up! Plus, as I said, I've only listed once so I may try and relist to see if there is more interest.

Thoughts on lightboat
I have a real butterfly brain! My thoughts keep fluttering around. I keep getting loads of ideas and I don't concentrate on finishing somet…

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