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Jewellery design course

This week I attended a one day jewellery design course at the London Jewellery School. The tutor was Michael Milloy who has a lot of experience in jewellery design for catwalk and boutiques. I have attended a lot of classes in technique but I am interested in taking it a step further (or taking a step back) and looking at how to generate ideas and designs. This course was perfect for that. There were only six students which meant that we could discuss our ideas and develop our designs with Michael as the day progressed.  I decided to work on the Art Clay Guild competition theme 'Fantasy, myth and magic'. We had a lot of books and magazines to get ideas from and I was soon sketching things out and discussing them with Michael. I think it would be difficult to achieve on this course without a specific idea or theme to develop. I really gained a lot and I will be making up my design in my week off in August. I am very pleased with the way it progressed and learnt a lot about Michae…

A rainy crafty day in Greenwich

My friend Claire wanted to make some more lampshades for her new house, after our success at the lampshade making workshop, so we decided to make a day of it. She is lucky enough to live in Greenwich, London (jealous, Greenwich is great!). So we met up an Biscuit Biscuit, a ceramic painting cafe. It was a very rainy Saturday so it was quite busy in there but we managed to find a table in order to get on with our painting. Claire was very organised and had a Mondrian-inspired design for her plate (you can kind of see it to the right of the picture). I didn't have an idea of what I wanted to do. I chose the star bowl and had fun painting and sponging it. I'm looking forward to seeing how it comes out.

We then went back to Claire's house to make the lampshades. She had already picked out the Paris fabric and another fabric she got from John Lewis. I met her new puppy Heidi (cute) and then we got to work (via a lemon cupcake!). We have now made four lampshades together and I t…

You are what you tweet!

I was introduced to today. It analyses your activity on twitter and draws a picture of you! Mine is below. It got the cat lover and designer bit right! Fun

Metal clay competitions

I have finally received my magnetic polisher after about seven weeks wait and I've stocked up on some clay - I'm ready to go!
I have started to look at a few metal clay/jewellery competitions. They give an interesting focus and a deadline to work to. I have found the following competitions. If you know of any more I'd appreciate it if you would add it to the comments section at the bottom of this post.

London Jewellery School student competition
This competition is open to anyone that has taken a class or is booked to take a class in the future. I have taken a few classes with them. The deadline is next Friday so I don't know if I'm going to make anything new particularly but I think I'll enter something.

Art Clay Guild competition
The Art Clay Guild theme for this year's competition is 'Fantasy, Myth and Magic'. This has really got me thinking and sketching over the last few weeks. The closing date for this one is 31st August so I have a little bit o…

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