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Sketching class at the Arienas Collective

As a tutor at the Arienas Collective I’ve been looking at the other courses available and deciding which to do first! Although I do a little sketching as a jeweller to get ideas down on paper I haven’t done any drawing or painting for quite a while so I decided to do the speed sketching taster class with Mark Kirkham aka the Edinburgh Sketcher. I really love his sketching style and the ability to do quick sketches of different scenes appealed to me. First things first - tea! I had a lovely cup of tea and a chance to chat and get to know the other members of our group. Our host Lynn was very welcoming and the creative space is gorgeous so it was a very relaxed start to the day. When everyone had arrived Mark did a brief introduction and passed around some of his sketchbooks to give us an idea of what was to come. We then went straight out for a walk and did three short sketch projects in Edinburgh’s gorgeous New Town. Mark drew our attention to little details that I might not have no…

Top hashtags for your jewellery business

I've been writing some guest blog posts for Jewellers Academy. If you'd like to read my post on top hastags for your jewellery business you can find it here >

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