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Make! Craft Britain on BBC Four featuring silver clay jewellery making

It was fantastic to see silver clay being featured on Make! Craft Britain on BBC Four this week. In case you missed it, the series showcases two main crafts per episode and this week it included cross stitch and silver clay. Silver clay is a great craft to feature as it is an easy way to make silver jewellery from home with little need for equipment. Jewellery artist Lisa Cain taught the silver clay class from a gorgeous location in Newcastle and it was lovely to see beginners so excited about their work. If you missed it and you're in the UK you can watch the replay on BBC iplayer here until 27th April 2018. Unfortunately, it isn't available to watch outside the UK (the BBC is paid for by a licence fee and you have to be a fee payer to watch). However, they have released this clip of the polishing and burnishing of the final pieces which is available worldwide and you can watch it here (click the link below). I hope that seeing silver clay in action on the programme has whetted…

Making silver charms for a charm swap

I'm looking forward to attending the You Can Make It residential metal clay conference in just a few weeks time. Although I'll admit I'm not looking forward to the train journey! This time last year I still lived in London and so the journey was only a few hours. This time I live in Scotland and it's likely to be at least 7 hours on the train. I looked at the option of flying but I'm teaching soldering and need to bring all my equipment. I didn't fancy getting there to find my butane torches had been confiscated at the airport! I'll do a blog post on my epic journey! I've just checked, it's 470 miles away. Last year I only had to travel 130 miles.
Anyway, I've been getting ready for the conference, writing some notes for my workshop sessions, making sure I have all the materials and samples I need etc. One of the fun things I've been preparing for is the charm swap. We make charms and then swap them with others at the conference and make a c…

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