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Totem Collection now available at Things British, Greenwich

I am excited to announce that our new Totem Collection is now available for sale at the Things British shop in Greenwich market. 
Things British is open seven days a week from 11 until 5.30pm.

The Totem Collection features symbolic jewellery that you choose to represent your personal or spiritual identity. The pieces are hand made from recycled silver. The current totems in the collection are

Bee | Achieving the impossible
Hummingbird | Energy & balance
Owl | Wisdom and learning
Butterfly | Transformation and change
Shell | Affinity with the sea
Flower | Growth and blossoming

The range is also available online

Reblog - dealing with your UFOs (unfinished objects)

I wrote this blog post for the London Jewellery School blog and am reblogging it here
Did anyone else feel the need to clean their house on new years eve? I know many people were having parties, seeing fireworks, having fun while I was slaving over a hot vacuum cleaner but I had this compulsion to see in the new year in a tidy, clean home. (Which perhaps says a little too much about my home ordinarily but I do live with a moulting ginger tom). This short-lived upsurge in house cleaning reminded me that I have some UFOs lurking about; some Unfinished Objects.
So let’s be honest here. Do you have any UFOs on your workbench? Things that you started making but couldn’t quite get finished because
it didn’t look at all like you had in mind you lost momentum with it you suddenly had a great idea for something else christmas was so busy there’s now a thin layer of dust over all of your jewellery making equipment all of the above?

It is easy for us to end up with unfinished objects and I suspect…

Motivation Monday - if it doesn't challenge you it doesn't change you

New silver jewellery range

I've been working on a new range of silver jewellery and it's nearly ready to launch (is anything ever really ready?!). 

It comprises of three collections

The be collection
The bee range is a delightful play on words and is perfect for those who like their jewellery to make them smile. A cute bee sits on a honeycomb textured front and on the reverse is your chosen word. 
For example be loved, be free, be happy etc

The totem collection
I love that jewellery is personal and has a meaning to the person that wears it. With this in mind I have developed the totem collection. A totem is a symbol that you choose of your personal or spiritual identity. I currently have the following totems

Bee - symbolic of achieving the impossible
Hummingbird - symbolic of energy
Owl - symbolic of wisdom and learning
Butterfly - symbolic of transformation and change
Shell - symbolic of affinity with the sea
Flower - symbolic of growth and blossoming

The pieces can also be personalised with words, initials, dates …

Motivation Monday - focus on possibilities

Is 'be more creative' one of your resolutions? Five ways to ensure you keep that promise

I wrote this blog post for the London Jewellery School and I'm pleased with it as it brings together my psychology background and my jewellery business. You can read the original post on the LJS blog here
When a new year comes around many of us like to see it as a lovely blank page; a clean slate. We look to the new year for a fresh start, a new way of being. Most of our readers are creative in some capacity so it’s not a huge leap to think that you might be resolving to have more creativity in your life. So here is some advice about how to do it and make it stick.
Call it a goal, not a resolution The words we use with ourselves (and others) are really powerful and the idea of a ‘new years resolution’ is almost impossible to keep. If your resolution is to be more creative, what happens if by the end of January you feel you’ve done nothing towards that? You feel despondent. You berate yourself. You give up on that resolution. So let’s not set ourselves up to fail. Call it a goal. A go…

Motivation Monday - you live every day

Motivation Monday - you know those things you've always wanted to do?

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