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Motivation - a year from now

Motivation Monday - merry christmas

Jewellery School christmas party

Last week I enjoyed helping out at the London Jewellery Schoolchristmas party. It was lovely chatting to the students and tutors and admiring everyone's jewellery!
There were a couple of games including a pass the parcel with jewellery supplies in every layer.
There was also 'who wore it best'; everyone that attended the party was given four sticky stars. We were asked to stick a star on the people we thought were wearing the best jewellery with the top three makers winning a prize. You can see pictures of the top three pieces on the Jewellery School facebook page.
I was selling the raffle tickets. The raffle prizes were all jewellery donated by the jewellery school tutors (including me). We raised 120 pounds for Action for Children which was fantastic.

Motivation Monday - be as you wish to seem

Motivation Monday - be persistent

Baby it's cold outside - handmade draught excluder - part 1!

I have been admiring this gorgeous draught excluder from Pearl and Earl. I love everything about it - the colours, the pom poms, the font - everything. Unfortunately it is only available in a needlepoint kit which is not in my crafting skillset! So I thought I would try to make a knitted draught excluder with this idea in mind.

I had a look online and settled on this free draught excluder pattern. The pattern is really straightforward. I decided to experiment with it, I'm currently knitting one with uneven stripes. I may also do a plain one (I need two!).
I love the pom poms on each end in the design. Such a sweet touch. I just have to hope my cat doesn't think that they are something to play with!

I looked at lots of ways to add the lettering I wanted. I thought about iron on letters and sew on letters. In the end I went with these quicker and easier but still aesthetically beautiful badges from Showpony available from not on the high street. Fantastic quick service and love…

You can't always wait to jump

I haven't blogged for a bit. I've been really busy and making some decisions. Last week I quit my main job at the university I work at in order to take up some part time opportunities. I've been teaching at a few locations for some years now and I've been offered more of the kind of teaching I love. This decision does decrease my income but I hope that the extra time I have will be used effectively to try out some new things - like market stalls for my jewellery, commissions etc.

 Every now and then I think I'm mad but it feels like the right decision.

Motivation Monday - do what you can

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