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Motivation Monday - great things are done by a series of small things brought together

Beginners metal clay class

Last week I taught two beginners metal clay classes at the London Jewellery School. It's one of my favourite classes to teach as it is great to show new people how to use metal clay and get them excited about the possibilities.
During the course we work on three projects - they learnt to make earrings with a consistent thickness and texture. Then I taught them how to make their own silicone mould and they made a silver charm. Finally, I taught them how to set a stone in the clay. Then they learnt how to file and finish the pieces before torch firing them and polishing.

These are photos of the pieces made by complete beginners. I'm really impressed.

Motivation Monday - small steps

Tasteful christmas themed jewellery

The trend for the christmas jumper, which started a few years ago, seems to be big again this year and this got me thinking about holiday-themed jewellery. There are some lovely designs out there perfect for the festive season.

Mistletoe necklace by Hetty and Dave

Reindeer cufflinks by Sarah Birt Jewellery

Holly necklace by Tatty Devine

Christmas charms by Tiffany

Snowflake necklace by Beau Hannah

Mittens earrings by Thumbs up x 2

Reindeer necklace by Jewellery Fur Keeps

Motivation Monday - edit your life frequently and ruthlessly. It's your masterpiece after all

Motivation Monday - be like a tree and let the dead leaves drop

5 jewellery business books for your christmas list

If your plans for 2016 include setting up a jewellery business or building up the one you currently run then consider putting these books on your christmas list.

From passion to profit - start your business in six weeks or less by Claire Hughes Do you have a passion for jewellery making and now have more jewellery than you’re ever going to wear?! Then this practical and inspiring book could help you take your passion and turn it into a viable business

Setting up a successful jewellery business by Angie Boothroyd This book, written by a successful jewellery business owner based in London, discusses all aspects of setting up your business

How to sell to retailers: the secrets of getting your product to market by Clare Rayner Are you ready to sell your jewellery to retail outlets? Do you feel baffled about where to start? In this book the author shares insights into improving your wholesale business and getting products to retailers

The crafter’s guide to taking great photos by Heidi Adnum When …

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