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Motivation Monday

Motivation Monday

London Jewellery School membership

The London Jewellery School has just opened a professional membership scheme. It's certainly worth considering. You will get a listing on their website in the members area and can use the LJS logo on your website. And for £22 you get a free taster class voucher worth £42. So you could choose from lots of different classes, including PR for your jewellery business - taught by me!

Motivation Monday

Motivation Monday

Twelfth night - christmas card recycling

Ok so I know this is a really basic idea but one worth doing. I have recycled the christmas cards that I was kindly sent for 2011 into gift tags for christmas 2012. It's really easy so hardly needs a tutorial but I did discover a couple of handy tricks.

What you need Old christmas cards Giant gift tag hole punch and ordinary hole punch Marker pen Cord or embroidery thread

Step one First, I cut the backs off the christmas cards and I started to work out where the design on the card would match up with the tag shape. I found it best to take the back off the tag hole punch so that I could see exactly how it would look. If you don't have a tag hole punch do google it. I got mine in Blade Rubber Stamps in London

Step two Once you've cut out all the tag shapes you need a hole to put the thread to hang them on. You can buy a single hole punch but I don't have one of those so I used a normal office hole punch. I marked on the back of the tag where the hole needed to go and then lined t…

Motivation Monday - happy new year

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