Monday, 30 April 2012

Who uses moo? I do!

Using mini moo cards as labels
I have long been a fan of and their range of products. I have luxe business cards, stickers and now mini moo cards!
Mini moos are half the size of normal business cards. They are great little cards and I have decided to use them as labels for my licorice allsort range of jewellery. I currently only sell that range on Etsy but I've decided to pop into a few local shops to see if they will stock them on sale or return. So I got the labels printed because

a) I think they look professional
b) It means that anyone who buys my jewellery (or sees my jewellery in a shop) will see my web address, twitter name and email address
c) I think they need a label to tell people not to try to eat the beads!

My moo stickers and luxe cards

I bought the luxe cards after I started getting celebrity commissions. They are a really lovely quality and give the right impression for my silver jewellery.

The stickers are great for adding to packaging and jiffy bags as I do primarily sell through Etsy and post jewellery to customers. It is great to be able to add this professional touch to my artisan business.

Photos by Crafty Websites

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