Saturday, 26 October 2013

New stock at the pop up shop!

I am currently selling my sweetie jewellery in a pop up shop in Camden Lock market for We Make London. I have decided to stay selling in the shop until after christmas as the sales have been pretty promising.
As part of the agreement for selling there each maker has to work in the shop for two days of the month. This week I took in some new items and a new display stand.

My new sweetie jars! They fit the sweetie bracelets perfectly and make a great stocking filler. I'm currently only stocking them in the shop as they are heavy to post.

Some new felt ball bracelets (the felt balls are attached to a silver plated chain and the clasp is a silver plated t-bar). I've also added some new felt earrings in different colours

Hopefully sales will continue to be good. Do pop in and browse in the shop if you're in London!

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