Tuesday, 8 October 2013

The jewellery of the Harry Potter films

Me on the knightbus!
Last week I really enjoyed a birthday trip to the Harry Potter Studio tour in London with my Dad.
I love the Harry Potter books and films. I worked in a bookshop when the first few books came out and remember the children's book buyer telling me 'you must read this book'! I have since read the whole series more than once! When the final book came out I was travelling in the US and bought a copy as soon as I could, reading it in the back of the car between cities! I do also love the films which were very well made and true to the feel of the books. I loved going to the cinema to see them (and I have them all on DVD at home now!).
So when I heard about the studio tour I really wanted to go. Luckily my Dad was happy to come with me and so we went for my birthday!
I loved the tour, it's well worth going. I also recommend paying extra for the audio guide which also includes video clips from the film and interviews with the crew. It made a very interesting addition to the tour.
On the tour I was struck by the importance of jewellery (as I would be!). Many of the horcruxes are pieces of jewellery. But I think my favourite has always been Hermione's time turner. I suspect we would all like one of those sometimes! Below are some photos of some of the jewellery that features in the film.
Now for a trip to Orlando to the wizarding world of Harry Potter theme park! Oh how I'd love to go there!

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