Saturday, 3 December 2016

3 ways to add gold accents to silver clay

Last week I taught a diploma class at the London Jewellery School which covers three different ways to add gold to silver clay. Gold is an expensive commodity (3g of gold clay costs £259.95! Yikes!) but there are other ways to get the look of gold at a more affordable cost.

1. Keum boo
Keum boo is adding gold leaf to silver. This is done after the piece is made and polished. The metal needs to be heated (I use my jewellers torch), the gold leaf added to the hot metal and burnished on. (Example of this in the photo above is the heart at the right of the image)

2. Gold paste
Gold paste can be painted onto fired silver. I find it is best to do a few layers and I torch fire the piece between layers, burnishing the metal to ensure the gold is well adhered (Example of this in the photo above is the christmas tree at the bottom of the photo)

3. Gold nugget
Adding a small piece of gold can enhance the silver clay design. The gold is embedded in the clay when it is wet and fired in place. You can find a link to the gold that I use here. (Example of this is the very top piece).

The adding gold to metal clay class at the London Jewellery School is only available as part of their one year Diploma in Creative Jewellery. If you would like to learn how to do this with me do contact me about a private tuition in London.

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