Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Trends in jewellery design - body jewellery

I have been writing some regular blog posts for the London Jewellery School on trends in jewellery design and have turned my attention to body jewellery.

Body chains

Worn quite regularly by Rihanna (I found lots of images of her wearing this type of chain), these are chains that are worn in some way over the torso. She tends to wear them over bare skin, a little more difficult in a British climate! However, they can also be worn over clothing.

This piece is only £10 from River Island and shows how this trend has become mainstream

I really rather love this Menat broad body chain from designer Danielle Singer who has a large range of these types of jewellery

This chain armlet is from a lovely range by Ninnos

Wrist pieces
This type of jewellery has a number of names! It is known as a finger bracelet, slave bracelet and ring to wrist cuff (and no doubt many other names!).  It tends to loop around at least one finger and the wrist

Here you can see Anne Hathaway wearing an example from this trend by James Banks

Uptown ring to wrist cuff from the Gorjana Griffin Courtney loves collection

This example of a cuff and ring is available on Ali Express

This bead and chain wrist piece from foundry and co is very elegant

Hair jewellery

We are used to hair adornment in the form of hair band and clips. More recently celebrities including Kim Kardashian and Mila Kunis have been photographed wearing hair chains.

This Lindsay hair chain by Sara Gabriel is part of a wedding jewellery collection

This Bohobo collective piece incorporates feathers and chain

Chains over your ponytail. I love this look but can’t see how it’s possible to keep it looking that lovely when you move your head!

Adapted from a blog post originally written for the London Jewellery School blog

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