Saturday, 19 September 2015

Jewellery inspiration - beautiful earrings without a piercing

A few weeks ago I was teaching the Beginners Beading class at the London Jewellery School. On that class you learn techniques to make earrings, two types of necklace and two types of bracelet. During this particular class one student asked if she could make clip on earrings as her ears weren’t pierced. It is an unusual request as most people who attend the class have pierced ears but it got me to thinking about earring designs without piercings. We tend to think of the Pat Butcher style earring but there are some fashionable alternatives out there.

Hook style
This style of earring has a wire hook that goes around the top of the ear to secure the earring and tends to have dangles

I love this dangle feather earring cuff from Anni Jurgenson

This edgy spike design is from Elite Fashion club

A modern take on classic pearls and gold metal from Crunchy Fashion

This ear saver is from Chapman jewelry

Pave cz set ear cuff by i Precious

Simple wire ear cuff by Take on me 7

Ear climbers
Ear climber by Emmanuela

Snake ear wrap by Marty Magic

Steampunk wire wrapped ear climber by Bodaszilvia

This blog post was originally written for the London Jewellery School blog

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