Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Jewellery making travel essentials

This blog post was originally written for the London Jewellery School blog

I often find that inspiration can come when I am away from home and without my jewellery making equipment! When we travel we see new places, people and things that can inspire us. We may also stumble upon a beautiful bead shop as I did recently when we made a trip to Murano, Venice.
So, to capitalise on this inspiration I take a small sketchbook and pencil as well as taking lots of photos! I also have a little travel kit of jewellery making tools and supplies that I take if I want to make while I’m away from home.
It consists of


Chain nosed pliers
Round nosed pliers

I tend just to take these pliers. If I have space I also take flat nosed pliers as they are really best for opening jump rings. The little case I put everything in is the smallest sized packing square from travelon, you can find a link to it here.  
I only work with full sized tools. I know you can get some really cute mini travel plier sets but don’t be tempted, the full sized pliers are designed for your hands. The mini pliers are awkward to use as they are too small to be comfortable.
Also, if you are travelling by air you may not be able to take your tools in your hand luggage so check with your airline before you travel, I really don’t want yours to be confiscated!

I tend to take materials for beading when I am away, silver clay tools tend to be a bit too bulky!
This kit of materials covers most eventualities.

jewellery making supplies

  1. split jump rings
  2. open jump rings (various sizes and shapes)
  3. crimps
  4. stringing material e.g. tiger tail
  5. clasps
  6. earring wires
  7. head pins

Beach holidays
If you fancy stringing shells into your jewellery you can also take a small hand drill. Drilling shells can be a bit hit and miss depending on the hardness of the shell but persistence can pay off and a handmade necklace can be a lovely souvenir from your holiday.

What have I missed? What jewellery making equipment do you take when you are travelling? Let me know in the comments

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