Thursday, 6 August 2015

A place for everything - tidying up my workspace

I’m feeling happy today as over the last three days I have gone through all my jewellery making and other crafting related tools and goodies to check what I've got and to organise everything. It took me quite a bit of time over those three days and I have re-listened to the Undisclosed podcast! (If you listened to Serial you really need to listen to Undisclosed. They blow Serial out of the water in terms of revelations about the case and Susan Simpson is my new hero).

Anyway! Here are some before and after shots. 



Honestly, the main organising is internal. In my drawers all the items are organised in themed bags e.g. polishing. I went through all my little storage boxes and labelled them and ensured they were properly organised too.
I even managed to sort through a drawer under the bed that is just devoting to crafting! And I managed to find something in there I had been looking for for a while!

It's interesting how getting organised makes me feel. I do kind of want to tackle the whole house now! I've lived here for over a decade so that's not an idle thought!

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