Thursday, 23 July 2015

Three things I learnt from trying something new

So, the final day of the three day art class I've been attending has been and gone (in case you missed the last two blog posts on this, day one is here, day two is here if you want to catch up!)

Cornell himself was inspired by the Surrealists and my box is certainly surreal! My humble piece is inspired by his work entitled Pharmacy
Pharmacy by Joseph Cornell
Here is my box inspired by the work of Joseph Cornell (apologies that it's a bit of a snap, my love-in photographer is at work!)

The tutor encouraged us to reflect on what we learnt during the course and what we would do differently next time and I think these are worthwhile questions to ponder

Here's what I learnt

1. Try something new, it might surprise you
I have previously studied fine art and have never tried collage or assemblage before so I learnt that I like it! I always think it is worth taking classes to try out something new with a bit of support

2. Just keep going!
There were certainly times when the piece was looking ugly and I didn't feel like I was getting anywhere but it is worth keeping on going to get to the end. If you leave everything half finished you never solve the problems and you don't learn how to do things differently next time

3. Don't worry about having a few things on the go at once
I had a couple of ideas on the go at once and rotated between them. There is an argument for focus but I also think it's useful to pursue lots of avenues to see which works

What have you learnt from trying something new? Let me know by making a comment below

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