Sunday, 19 July 2015

Preparing stock for the London shop

As I mentioned yesterday, I've been preparing my stock for the Things British shop in Greenwich market, London this weekend. Here are a few pieces that I will be sending in
Campbell Hall UK stock for Things British
The cufflinks are from my best selling bee collection. I haven't sent cufflinks to Things British before so I'll see how they do.
Also new is the butterfly necklace and the leaf pendant. The leaf is made by painting layers of silver onto a real leaf, which burns away in the kiln. Before you ask, I need to get these new pieces into my etsy store too, my shop needs a lot of tlc at the moment! But the priority is getting stock into Things British as I am already paying rent there. An etsy update is coming!
The hummingbird has been selling well so I will be sending two versions, the rectangle and the oval.
I've still got to print out my labels and tie them on but this batch should be ready to post tomorrow.

Use a twist tie to stop chains from getting knotted up!

I have a great tip for packing multiple chains; use a sandwich bag twist tie! You just need to thread the twist tie through the chains and twist it a few times to secure it. The twist tie helps stop the chains from getting knotted up when they're in the post and you can use this tip when taking your necklaces on holiday with you.

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