Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Gadget girl

2015 is the year of the spy movie! There’s the new James Bond film Spectre, The man from U.N.C.L.E, Spooks: the greater good, (which I really enjoyed) Mission Impossible: rogue nation, the excellent comedy Spy (very funny) and no doubt many more. This got me thinking about the gadgets that used to only be science fiction but we can now wear as jewellery. Here are a few of my favourites.

The Apple Watch
Apple watch

I had to start with the Apple watch of course, the first Apple product that is designed to be worn. It tells the time (!), helps you stay connected and also measures your fitness.


I love the design of the ringly. It connects to your phone and sends you customised notifications (you choose what you are notified of via an app) through vibration and light so you can put your phone away but never miss a call.

Sun exposure bracelet
June sun exposure bracelet

A clever and stylish bracelet that holds a secret function; it measures your sun exposure through the day, notifying you via your phone when you need to reapply sunscreen. It’s customised through an app so you can programme in your skin type to ensure you get the protection you need.

Fitbit flex
Fitbit flex designed by Tory Burch
There are many pedometers out there and gadgets to measure your activity and sleep. The fitbit flex designed by Tory Burch takes this technology and makes it beautiful

Metal clay flash drive kit
Silver clay flash drive by Anna Mazon

Metal clay artists, did you know you can now buy a flash drive/usb kit? You can then decorate a usb to suit your own style

Here is an instruction video to show you how

This post is adapted from one I wrote for the London Jewellery School blog. You can read the original post here

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