Saturday, 2 May 2015

Collecting random thoughts

Once a week the writer and artist Austin Kleon sends out a newsletter with links to his blog and things he has found interesting that week. I really enjoy following the links so I've decided to give it a go myself. 

1. I went to a service at St Pauls cathedral, London this week. I am not a religious person but adore visiting buildings with such beautiful architecture and mosaic work. It's also lovely to hear a choir singing in a building that was meant for voices (not to mention that you get in free, saving £18!)

2. I tend to read books on the kindle now but bought Show your work by Austin Kleon in paperback as I love his images. This is a great book from the author of Steal like an artist (also highly recommended). It talks about the importance of sharing your work if you want to be known as an artist

3. I laughed out loud (and felt the need to read copious quotes to Gary) at this article by Tim Krieder called The referendum. It's about how we look at the lives of our peers when trying to decide if we've made the right decisions in our own lives. It's not a new article but I've only just seen it (via Austin Kleon again!). I feel a need to read everything Krieder has ever written now!

4. My friend Emily and I enjoyed a gorgeous Charlie and the Chocolate factory inspired afternoon tea at One Aldwych, London this week. Really yummy savouries and, of course, fabulous if you have a sweet tooth! I absolutely fell in love with lavender earl grey tea

5. I was back teaching this week and was pleased to hear that one of my students, James Lee, won the Big Picture competition in the Telegraph with this photo. It's a travel photography competition and Gary has entered this week!

6. I have joined the Metal Clay Masters Registry! I remember when I first heard about the registry, when I'd just started using silver clay, and it felt so far removed from what I could ever achieve. It has fifty one projects (!) and five levels. There are certainly things on the project list I don't know how to do but I've made a list of my first ten projects, I just have to get started now!

7. The latest VibeRide mix entitled Dance is out. Have a listen and a bop!

8. The Mary Ward Centre have announced that they are running a summer school for the first time this year. I'll be teaching Jewellery: the design process a really hands on three day course that includes a sketchbook visit to the beautiful jewellery gallery at the V&A. I got the prospectus for the summer school in the post this week (which has my name spelt wrong - harrumph!) and there are lots of really interesting courses running. I would really love to attend the Inspired by Joseph Cornell course myself but unfortunately it overlaps with my course. I'm also tempted by the Abstract painting and collage course 

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