Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Technical drawing for jewellery design

Some of my sketches
I spent some time last week with a colleague from the LJS, Zoe Harding, working on technical drawing for jewellery making. Zoe has worked designing for Vivienne Westwood and Swarovski and regularly designs costume and fine jewellery this way. As a metal clay artist I tend to draw sketches of pieces before I start work but the material is more forgiving than precious metal: if I don't like a piece I can just scrunch it up and start again! However, I am interested in wax carving (see my first ring here) so I wanted to practice my orthographic technical drawing particularly. This is drawing a piece from three angles (see image below).
I have to practice but I feel I got a good grasp of the basics with Zoe's expert help.


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