Monday, 16 March 2015

New class at the London Jewellery School - soldering on metal clay

This is a reblog of a post I wrote for the London Jewellery School blog. The original post can be found here

Recently I taught the first of a new class, 'soldering in metal clay'. I originally pitched the class idea to Sunita, the manager at the Jewellery School, because I feel there are a significant number of metal clay jewellery makers that don't have a traditional silversmithing background or who lack the confidence with soldering. This class helps to fill that gap in their experience.

During this one day class you make silver clay stud earrings, cufflinks and a brooch.

Sample pieces from the soldering on metal clay class at the London Jewellery School
You then torch fire the cufflinks and learn how to sweat solder cufflink backs onto them. You will also learn how to sweat solder stud posts onto the back of your silver studs. Finally, you learn how to solder on wire to make a brooch pin. You practice first on copper so you can get a feel for the process before soldering silver wire onto your brooch.
Although you will be provided with clay, cufflink backs etc in this case I would recommend you bring anything you have at home that you would like to solder. I can't guarantee that you'll have the time to do everything but the more you have to practice with the better.

Student comments on the class
‘Fantastic course. One of the best I've done in ages. Have learnt a lot. Feel confident about taking my PMC (precious metal clay) creations to the next level. Thank you'

'great attention and hand-holding!'

'I came away with a thorough understanding of how to affix findings to metal clay and can't wait to put into practice what I have learnt'

As the tutor I really enjoyed the class too! The student comments are gratifying, they clearly felt that the day was worthwhile.  

If you want to take your silver clay jewellery to another level I would recommend this class. It really does give you the supervised practice you need in a small group environment to get to grips with soldering. The possibilities for your jewellery making will then open up.

If you've never learnt to solder before or just don't feel confident do join me for the day.
The next available class is on Saturday 25th April but check the website for all the scheduled dates for the year.

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