Thursday, 5 March 2015

A gift for a new baby

A friend of mine recently had a baby girl. Many of my friends are having boys (!) so this was a great opportunity to handmake her a silver pendant. 

I wanted to make it personal so I decided to make a mould from a shell. I collected this shell a few years ago, the day after her mother and father were married on the island of Herm (near Guernsey). Herm is a tiny island that I totally fell in love with. I'd love to live there but sadly there are no houses for sale! It has a lovely vibe and the aptly named Shell beach! The day after the wedding I spent a few hours there lounging about and sifting through the shells in the vicinity of my picnic rug. I took a few home with me to use in jewellery making.
As you can see I have added her initial to the back of the pendant.
The baby is obviously too young to have the piece but I hope she will enjoy wearing it when she is older.

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