Thursday, 2 January 2014

What's your word for the year?

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At the beginning of the year many people like to write resolutions. I have to admit I love the new year (and the new school year in September) for looking at life and setting some goals.
A few years ago I heard about another, more gentle way of setting an intention. It is to decide on a word for the year. The word summarises what you want to focus on. I first heard of this idea from Christine Kane but have seen a number of people writing about it including Gretchen Rubin.
By choosing one word for the year to be your focus, it stops the tyranny of the all or nothing resolution or goal.
This year I have chosen the word 'evolve'. In 2013 I made big changes to my life. I left full time employment for the first time in my adult life in order to teach part time and work on my jewellery. I've learnt a lot in the year, both about myself and running a business. I often have grandiose plans about what I am going to do and achieve and then when I don't measure up I feel bad, even if I have achieved a lot. So I chose the word 'evolve' to help me remember that any step in the right direction is a great thing and that change doesn't always have to be monumental.
Have you chosen a word for the year? Don't know where to start? Christine Kane provides a great list of words to look through so do have a look. And let me know your word by commenting below.

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