Wednesday, 26 June 2013

New classes at the London Jewellery School

I am excited to say that I will be teaching some new business classes at the London Jewellery School in addition to the Jewellery business bootcamp
Please click on the course to find out the dates.

Designing your own website 10-5
In this one day intensive class you will set up your own website using the free and simple to use website creation tool
Techniques covered in this class include:

  • Setting up your own website with your choice of colours and layout
  • Setting up different pages so you can showcase photos of your work, create a ‘contact me’ form, about me section etc
  • Editing and adding to your pages so that you are confident in doing this at home
  • Purchasing a domain name (a website address) and attach it to your website
  • Setting up a sliding gallery of your images
  • Advice on selling online through the website (see below), online marketplace e.g. etsy, folksy etc

Social media for your jewellery business 10-5
To actively promote your jewellery business you need to be using the free social media that is out there.

On this course you will set up business accounts and learn how to effectively promote your business on: 

  • twitter 
  • facebook 
  • pinterest 

You will learn how to brand your business so that you link your social media together and have a coherent look to your business and get advice on how to use these effectively and efficiently so you can get on with making jewellery!

This course is designed for beginners with no knowledge or experience of social media.

Class outcome:

You will have set up your social media accounts online, linked them together, branded your accounts so they are consistent and know how to use them effectively.

Creating your own jewellery blog 6.30-9pm
  • Setting up a free blog using google’s service
  • Formatting your blog to make it look attractive to readers
  • Learning how to write a blog post, include images etc
  • How to link other social media you may already have to your blog e.g. twitter, facebook, pinterest
  • What to write and how often

Getting your business seen on Google 
Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the way you ensure your website, blog etc appear higher up the Google search - so it is important for every jewellery business.

Techniques covered in this class:
Learn what people search for
How to ensure your website/blog/social media etc can be optimised
Understand keywords and how to use them

Class outcome:
You will be able to use the knowledge from this class to ensure your online presence from your website, social media, blog etc is optimised - that is giving you as high a Google ranking as possible.
This class has been designed for new or existing jewellery business owners who would like to set up a website – whether to showcase their work or to sell from alternative sites e.g. etsy, folksy etc

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