Thursday, 20 June 2013

London Jewellery School business bootcamp

I haven't blogged for a while as I have been working hard to prepare my classes for the new six day jewellery business bootcamp at the  London Jewellery School

The first bootcamp will run from Tuesday 16th July and will be taught by a number of different  experts in the jewellery business including Jessica Rose, NatWest Everywoman award winning entrepreneur and jewellery artists Hayley Kruger and Rosie Sanders (and me!).
It is ideal for anyone who wants to set up a jewellery business or who wants to take their business to the next level.

The course contents are as follows

Developing and defining a clear vision for your business
 • Identifying what makes you unique from other jewellery businesses 

• Working out a clear action plan and strategy for going forward 

• Identifying how to launch a new business or grow an existing business into a more profitable model. 

• Pricing and selling your jewellery 

• Marketing, websites, SEO and social media 

• Jewellery industry knowledge, the essentials of what you need to know 

• Finance for your business including how to create financial models, budgeting, forecasting and understanding the numbers 

• What to do about copyright, intellectual property and trademarks 

• Exhibiting your work and creating a show-stopping display 

• Pitching your business idea 

• Feedback from expert jewellers who are or have run their own successful jewellery business and much more 

Day 1 - Introduction to running a jewellery business and defining your goals Tutor: Hayley Kruger

Day 2 - Pricing, Sales and Marketing Tutor: Anna Campbell 

Day 3 - Selling online Tutor: Anna Campbell

Day 4 - About the jewellery industry, IP and exhibiting your work Tutor: Rosie Sanders

Day 5 - Finance for your jewellery business Tutor: Full info coming soon  

Day 6 - Putting it all into action Tutor: Jessica Rose

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