Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Baby it's cold outside - handmade draught excluders - part 2!

It's still rather cold outside and we've had snow here this week so I thought I would update you on my home crafting to attractively insulate my home! I wrote about my plans for this here. There has finally been enough light for photographing my hand knitted draft excluders!
I ended up knitting two, one for the front door and one for the back door.

I used this free pattern as a basis for my draught excluders and knitted the green one first. I didn't make it stripey (as in the pattern) so it was just a plain stocking stitch all the way along - a little boring but very therapeutic!
I used this clover pom pom maker to make the little pom poms at the end. I had persevered with the old method of making cardboard circles but these clover pom pom makers are so much quicker!

I used toy stuffing to stuff them with. I had tried to stuff them with old tights but they looked really lumpy so I want back to the drawing board!
 The navy draught excluder started off with a knit but then I took it home to my Mum's and she had knitted a cushion with an attractive stitch pattern that was knit two purl two. I don't think you can see it well in these photos but I decided to do the middle section of the draught excluder using this knit pattern.

The badges are from Showpony on Not on the High Street. I'm really pleased with them.
I had to sew a punctuation mark for the 'it's' as I hate not punctuating correctly! I even punctuate all text messages!

I am very pleased with how they came out. They are really effective too which is the main thing!

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