Sunday, 24 February 2013

A busy week of baking!

Last week was rather a busy week of baking for me! I had promised to bake some cupcakes for my colleagues for my leaving do from my work at a university. It was perhaps a rash promise as it was a very busy week for me with some evening teaching as well as daytime teaching to fit into my already full time job! But I did manage to keep my promise.
As I live quite a trek away from the university I had the brainwave to bake the cakes at home and ice them in the office at work! There was only need for a bowl and a whisk, no heating was necessary so I thought it would be a good idea. And it was. Except that the office did end up covered in a haze of icing sugar! I cleaned up as best I could but I suspect there may be sticky surfaces for a few weeks to come. Something for them to remember me by though!
I had also promised to bake a chocolate cake for my friend Claire's baby shower. I decided to use the same butter icing recipe that I use for my cupcakes. I hadn't done that before but it was definitely a good idea. The cake went down well. I had worried about taking the cake on two tube rides and a bus journey so I took a photo of it before I left! It survived well and Claire took the leftovers to work with her the next day and it was polished off!
I haven't been to a baby shower before but had fun decorating babygrows, guessing the date the baby will arrive and guessing the weight of a doll (I was way out!).

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