Thursday, 1 November 2012

Preparing your jewellery business for christmas

Sweetie shop jewellery by light boat jewellery, photo by Gary Ullah of craftywebsites
 In 2012 I have noticed more and more interest in classes on how to use social media to promote fledgeling businesses. I've been teaching people at the London Jewellery School and at the Mary Ward Centre about how to set up an online business or an online presence for a 'bricks and mortar' business. I am also starting to teach these skills to individuals (for Crafty Websites), charities etc.
As a result of this interest I decided, along with the press officer from the London Jewellery School,  to write a series of blog posts for their  blog on preparing your jewellery business for christmas.
I found it helped as a useful checklist for me and the feedback from readers is that it has been useful for others too which is fantastic.

The links to the blog posts can be found below.
Do you have any advice you would give jewellery makers on preparing for christmas sales? Please add a comment below if you do. 

Part 1 -craft fairs and markets
Part 2 - the online marketplace
Part 3 - packaging and branding

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