Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Market day

On Saturday I did my first We Make London handmade market stall at Spitalfields market, London. I have previously only been selling online via Etsy or to people I know but I thought it was a good chance to see how well I could do at a market this close to christmas.
I decided to display my sweetie shop jewellery rather than make a lot of silver jewellery as I'd visited the market a few weeks earlier and found that cheaper items were more likely to sell.
It was a cold day but Spitalfields is under cover so there's no worry about getting rained on! It was quite a busy day and We Make London ensure there is a diversity of different handmade products available to attract customers.
I was really pleased with how it went and I was very happy with my takings at the end of the day. 
It is an expensive market to have a stall at but I would do it again by sharing a stall with another crafter.

1 comment:

  1. great to know you had a good day at spitalfields, Jx


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