Tuesday, 17 July 2012

End of the teaching year reflections

Our lilly pond, taken by Gary Ullah Photography
It is coming to the end of the teaching year for me. I've taught and trained for most of my career but for the first time this year I taught a jewellery making class.
I taught Silver Clay Jewellery at the Mary Ward Centre in London. It's an interesting experience. It is different from teaching an academic subject (I teach Psychology there as well). For starters everyone is doing something different and it's not always easy to keep track of it all! Also demonstrating techniques is fine but it can be a bit nerve wracking with everyone watching - you don't want to make a mistake and cut your finger! Oh, wait, I did do that!
I did enjoy the classes that I taught though. It's great to have the students for three hours at a time so they can really get engaged with it all. And it was lovely to see what they had made by the end of the course. They all learnt new skills and that's all you can hope for.
There will be more silver clay classes at the Mary Ward next academic year. For now I get to relax by my pond for a bit!

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