Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Recommending Craftcast

There are a number of really excellent online resources now for learning to craft. I really want to recommend Alison Lee's Craftcast. I have now purchased two recordings from Craftcast and have subscribed to the free podcast via itunes. You can also virtually attend classes and then ask questions as you would in any class. I haven't done this yet because the time difference has meant that they are normally in the middle of the night for me here in the UK! I do know that some students from the UK and Europe do virtually attend the live sessions but I am happy with the recordings and a good nights sleep!
It is so great to be able to get real value out of them, they are packed full of hints and tips. I love that I can  download them, unlike some online services, and watch them as many times as I like! Being able to watch it again may make it better than physically attending a real class!

The two recordings I have purchased (so far!) are

Copyright Donna Penoyer
Donna Penoyer's A Parade of Earrings to make in metal clay. There are so many projects, hints and tips here it's brilliant.

I made this pendant based on what I have learnt and I love than I can continue to watch the recording as many times as I like as I have been able to download it.

Copyright Terry Kovalcik
I have also purchased Terry Kovalcik's Painting and Sculpting using PMC paste. Terry is coming to the UK in a few months for a couple of masterclasses

The podcast series has been excellent. I have downloaded previous podcasts and listen to them on my way to work. Alison reviews books and interviews really interesting artists and creatives. There's always something inspiring to take away from this. It was the first place I'd heard of Christine Kane and I am now completing her Uplevel your Life programme.

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  1. Hi Anna,
    So happy to hear you love the classes on
    I see you went to the Mid Cornwall School. I'm a big fan of the school and of Lisa Cain's as well.
    Alison Lee


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