Thursday, 8 December 2011

Jingle tingle - a christmas community performance

My Dad

 For once I'm not writing about jewellery or crafting! Today I want to tell you about a magnificent show that my Dad (over there on the left) started up ten years ago in his village community. It is called Jingle Tingle and has been performed every year in the local village hall for the last ten years (except last year as the snow meant that the show wasn't insured in case of injury).


The conga!
 Jingle Tingle is a bit like a variety show with different people from the surrounding area doing songs, sketches and performances. It was started up originally to help bring the community together but has raised over £9000 for charity (that doesn't include the contribution from this year as I haven't heard that yet). About half of that money has gone towards the upkeep of the hall.It's a lot of work for my Dad but it is very popular with the cast and audience alike. The Saturday performance this year was sold out at the beginning of November (130 seats).

There are some videos from the shows below, it has it's own youtube channel!

 The tango performed on Saturday 2nd December 2011

Underwater love performed by the Juno Belly Dancers on Saturday 2nd December 2011 at the Jingle Tingle Show

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